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Jade's Hip Hop Academy is not just your regular dance studio

Students get the opportunity to excel and perform  in many shows and sport events. 

Opened in in 2006 Jade's Hip Hop Academy specializes in Hip Hop and other street styles.

Our season runs from September till June. We have classes from ages 3-19.

Recreational  classes -Pre-competitive  classes - Competitive classes.

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About Us

Dedicated Educators


Meet Ms. Jade Jager Clark

Owner and Artistic Director

of Jade's Hip Hop Academy

and JHHA Performance Company

First-Rate Course Offerings


Our Academy teaches authentic Hip Hop and other street  dance styles like

Popping - Locking - Breaking - House - Krump 

Our staff and students train with the Original Creators and pioneers of the above styles.

In Photo: Mr. Wiggles - Electric Boogaloos/Rock Steady Crew

Our Mission


To bring out the full potential of each student by working under our  two studio principles

Family and Respect

and by our 5 C Word Formula

Commitment - Completion- Consistency - Confident - Communication

JADE'S HIP HOP ACADEMY on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen announced an exciting new game that you can win by shaking your groove thang! For a little inspiration, Jade Jager Clark, dancer and choreographer, showed off some of her awesome moves with tWitch and the Jade's Hip Hop Academy dancers.